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Mobile Check Deposit is here. Convenient. Secure. Simple.Open the door to a great Mortgage. Click here.

Mobile Check DepositMCD

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Have a check to deposit but not the time to;

  • Drive to one of our offices?
  • Run by the post office to mail it?

We have your solution! Use your Smart-Phone to deposit your paper check using our Mobile Check Deposit app.

Mobile Check Deposit (MCD) is a safe and secure way to deposit paper checks to the same checking account your MCFCU Debit Card is linked to.

Safe and Secure

Using the MCD app is safe and secure because your account information is not used to make the connection. By using your MCFCU Debit Card information, your account number and personal information is not exposed on your smart-phone. Plus, if you loose your phone or debit card, access to MCD can be stopped by simply cancelling your debit card.


Make your check deposits from anywhere at anytime that is convenient to you.

Cost Effective

For just $1.00 per deposit, MCD is one of the most cost effective ways to deposit paper checks to your account. Each day you can have up to five deposits that total $1,000.00 or less. Each deposit can be up to $500.00.


If you have already enrolled for MCD and need or would like to change the password or security questions, please click on the enroll link above and select "Personal Customer Reset Password or Security Credentials" or "Business Customer Reset Password or Security Credentials"